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Common mistakes that people make while designing their house

Interior decoration is an art and few people have the ability to do it. While many people try to decorate their house on their own it results in a massacre more often than not. It may be due to poor choice of colors, patterns, furniture or scale, you realize after making mistakes that things don’t feel right and you didn’t want it. After making some mistakes you realize that interior designing requires keen and knowledgeable eye that you didn’t have. Then you reach out to an interior designer but by that time you have already spent a lot of money, most of which goes waste. It is good to learn from own mistakes but even better to learn from other people’s mistakes. Here we have listed some common mistakes that people make while decorating their houses.
1. Scale:
Linda Floyd explains that the room should look like a city scape with varying heights of furniture, art placements and window treatments. People also make the mistake of putting many bulky items in one room making it look small and over-packed. While sometimes one puts all too small items cluttering the room which doesn’t leave a space for the eye to rest. The ideal décor should include items with a mixture of shape, size and height.
2. Too much matching of items:
Again like scale, one should use a combination of color instead of all matching items. Some people think that matching table chairs bed and other items bring in cohesiveness. But such a design eliminates character. Instead one should choose items that complement each other in shapes, style and palettes.
3. Surfaces filled with photos and frames:
Instead of crowding the tabletop with photos and frames which make the room look messy; hang them on the gallery wall so that you can draw attention to other things in the room as well.
4. Plan and fix budget before going for shopping:
We are all prone to impulse buying. While it is not a bad thing to buy on impulse, don’t forget to collect the receipts and keep them safely in case you find later that the accessory you bought doesn’t match with the given surroundings and you may have to return it. Also determine what you want mentally by forming a picture and decide the budget before you actually hit the shop.
5. Overdoing the theme:
If you go overboard with the theme by having all the furniture, accessories, tabletops, wall hangings and the walls adhering to it, it may look tasteless. Try to bring up the theme in a subtle manner like textural elements, art and fabric.
6. Exposed cords:
Exposed electrical cords are not just a mess, they create fire hazard. Try to cover them with cord covers that match with the wall and use cord organizers.
7. Have another person look and make suggestions:
Another opinion is always better because it brings a different perspective than yours. Ask a friend or an interior designer to look at the house and express their opinion. You don’t have to accept their suggestion always and may just ignore it. Still it is better to have different opinion.
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