KpHomes is a well-known Luxury interior design firm based in Kolkata.


We Provide more than just Quality Services

Luxury Turnkey

Our Turnkey solution is tailor made for people who live outside the city or have hectic schedules to oversee their Interior Projects.

Comfort Living Turnkey

Our Comfort Living Interior Design solution is tailor made for people who do not want to compromise on quality and product standards and however want to work with a limited budget.

Interior Design and Styling

Bringing together design aesthetics and one’s taste and lifestyle needs is how we would define our Interior Design and Styling service.

Civil Renovations

KPhomes is not restricted to just design and style of your space but has a host of all services such as structural and architectural and civil work.

Rental Fit outs – Make your space Tenant Ready

Many properties lie vacant today because owners live outside the city or country and do not have any means or support to arrange their space and make it ready for a tenant.

Property Management Services

A beautiful home or even a basic furnished space needs maintenance and a regular upkeep. Not regularly cleaning a space or airing it results in damp, dust and stale smells and can cause damage to furniture and walls.


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Chayan Roychowdhury
Chayan Roychowdhury
We contacted KP Homes, (Sryashi & Swetanjali Mehrotra) to help for the renovation of our old apartment, in a high rise on Ballygunge Circular Road. This apartment was built in the 70s. Both me and my wife stay abroad for over 30 years and tried to get this Kolkata home renovated for several years. We did not want to purchase any new property, which would have been easier. But, in our old age, we would like to stay in the same locality and same city, we grew up in. Being an old home, there were many challenging aspects to our home improvement project - civil, architectural, interiors that needed to be done for this apartment. What we needed was a reliable Architect/Contractor and Interior team, We interviewed many contractors, over the last 4-5 years, even entrusted a few with the job. But with very little progress. We were almost giving up on the idea, when we found KPhomes. Sreyashi, shared many of their work and achievements. No doubt impressive. Referrals, were excellent. I was convinced of their skill and experience. But can I afford them ? Can they work on older apartments ? Will they be able to adopt to my simple (picky) tastes. Can they match my old furniture that I am not ready to give up on ? Many doubts. But, very soon, they won us over. What differentiated them was a few things, we never experienced with our other architects/contractors. They first tried to understood and adapt to our style. This was new. Some other things struck us as impressive. Their flexibility to work around our schedule, taking ownership of the entire project and planning the minute details of the logistics. Not to mention their firm commitments on time, schedule, scope, budget, which we have grown to appreciate over time. Budget yes !! After working with them for over a year (many other small projects too), I can assure you that they will watch your budget like a hawk. Big or small. They understand its your hard earned money and they value it like you do. In the end, we entrusted them with all - renovation, civil work, cleanup, furniture movement. And yes it was completed in 6 months (as committed). They have an excellent team to support them who are always ready to listen and help. Even though the apartment was completed in 6 months, it took us a year to get to Kolkata. On our last visit to Kolkata, Swetanjali (Proj Mgr,) presented us with an unbelievable transformation of a dated 70s apartment to a swanky modern apartment ...that now we proudly call our Kolkata Home. The entire process was smooth. Communication was superlative. Commitment firm. Quality excelent++. Reliable ? Absolutely. Most important, they know, how to work on NRI projects and treat customers like family. If you are thinking of interior decoration, renovating your property or home improvements of any kind.. I would strongly recommend Sreyashi and Swetanjali of KP Homes.
Nice office
Dave Laha
Dave Laha
Probably the best Interior Design company in Kolkata! The team at KP Homes, led by Sryashi & Swetanjali Mehrotra and Piya Mukherjee are the finest there is in town, hands-down. Growing up in Kolkata, and now living abroad for almost 35 years, my wife and I recently acquired a 3BHK flat in TATA Avenida. While searching for an interior designer, TATA referred us to KP Homes. We received several referrals, but early on during our search and only after a couple of conversations, it became clear to us that KP Homes had the professional staff we were looking for. Living abroad, we knew we could not manage the project in Kolkata ourselves. Therefore, we needed a team who could manage communications with us despite the time difference. KP Homes’ initial 2D and subsequent 3D drawings for our flat were stunning. My wife and I had to make minimal changes to their proposed designs, and they were off to a start. They were on a very aggressive timeline as we were going to be in Kolkata for a wedding and intended to stay at our new flat. KP Homes delivered! They completed the project on time and ensured we entered a new home complete with linens, soft goods and food in the refrigerator. They are a caring, homely bunch! The entire process was smooth and well managed! My wife and I are thrilled with the final product and how KP Homes transformed our 3BHK flat into a Home that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! Every one of our friends and family members who have visited, said one word “Wow”! If you are looking for cheap, look elsewhere. If you are looking for quality, professionalism, and top shelf, KP Homes is the place to go.
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar
Verry good
We contacted Kolkata Homes in mid Dec to do the interiors of our new 4BHK apartment in DLF New Town Heights, Kolkata. The designs & the prices were finalized in the next 2 months & they started work in end Feb with a deadline of 4 months to complete the entire work. They did an exemplary job with different themes in different rooms – keeping in mind the occupants in the rooms. So while my son’s room had a music theme as he’s musically inclined, my daughter’s room had a more colorful décor keeping her cheerful personality in mind. The guest room has a Kolkata theme as we expect to have guests coming from outside Kolkata. The living, dining & master bedroom have been given a contemporary look. Throughout the ideation process, Kolkata Homes kept coming up with fresh concepts & more importantly, made sure that the ideas will also look good after execution. Their work was very professional, aesthetically very strong & methodical in their execution. I would like to highlight few key differentiators here: 1. For NRIs like me, they were a perfect ally as it’s not possible for us to make trips every month to check the progress. Complete ownership of the project, transparent in their interactions, honest feedback & turnkey execution – from ideation to execution to even arranging customized curtains, bedsheets & practically everything else. We landed & started staying immediately without running around for anything. 2. Well connected with almost all prominent properties in Kolkata – which helps to iron out all small & big issues during execution & the client is not hassled with getting permissions, approvals etc. BIG peace of mind. 3. What we saw in the final designs is what we got. The execution was as good as the designs on the screen! This clearly elevated the entire look & feel of the apartment. In a nutshell, I’ve had a fantastic experience. I wish Kolkata Homes many more beautiful abodes.
Michael Wharton
Michael Wharton
Great place providing great quality. Highly recommended.
Rakesh Kumar Jena
Rakesh Kumar Jena