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Please take a few moments to complete the information requested below to get us started on getting to know you. Brief answers are fine. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand your tastes and how we can design a functional and customized space that is right for you. Involve your entire household. Have fun telling us about your wants, needs and dreams. We would like to take full advantage of the time we share together and your input is essential. Thank you for your cooperation. All information will be kept confidential.

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What style would you like to see in your home after your project has been completed? What do you consider your style to be? If you don’t know, we’ll figure it out!!

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Terms till the issue of the work order shall remain as follows:

-Rs. 15000/- is to be paid immediately on signing of this EOI. (We shall provide complementary 2D layout and budget for the same.)
The layout and the 3D drawing shall be the exclusive property of Kolkata homes & projects. K.H.P shall have the exclusive right to implement the same. Any use of these drawings by the applicant for implementing the same by some other party or at any other premises without the written consent of K.H.P shall be considered breach of trust and the applicant may be liable to appropriate action by K.H.P.

Non Circumvention Clause:
I/We or relatives, associates, consultants, employees, agents, subsidiaries, or corporate divisions etc. shall not at point of time interact, make contact or deal directly with the architects, contractors, mistries, masons, parties, officers, legal entitiesor any other individuals involved in the contract by you or involve or use them without your knowledge directly or indirectly for any other purpose or in any other deal without the explicit permission in writing from your end.

We are the legal owners of the premises and shall issue all the necessary documents and permissions that may be required for conducting the assignment.