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Workspace Designs

Open Workspace Design offers a full office interior design solution from initial concept and space planning to detailing feature finishes and color schemes and specifying fixtures and finishes.

Using space plans, images, visuals, and sample boards. Computerized 3D modeling and walkthroughs can give you a real feel for your new office design before construction even starts.

  • Space Planning:  Be sure that there’s enough space for your business, whether you have work stations or cubicles - or if you're planning an open space environment, so that employees can move freely.

  • Natural light: Natural light helps people see things better. Human vision is designed to adjust with changes in natural light, and it’s actually better for your eyes than fluorescent lighting.

  • Good quality furniture: Ergonomic office furniture should be used while designing an office. Ergonomic office chair make it easier to stay focused on the job.

  • Exquisite lobby design: An optimal floor plan is needed for placing furniture and a comfortable lobby. Visitors and clients should be able to move freely around while entering to the office, walking between workstations or going to meeting or discussion room.

  • Design for Effective Communication: An office layout which ensures seamless communication within and between the teams. A great office layout should ensure to have better inter and intra-department communication. Providing spaces for discussions and meeting are very important to ensure the right flow of communication.

  • Fluid Navigation: There must be an easy navigation throughout the office. There must be proper evacuation plans and fire safety exits. An effective floor plan is essential for the productive work environment.