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How to Decorate Your Foyer

You know what they say about first Impressions. Make sure that the entryway furniture, paint color, and seating you choose send the right message (as in, “Wow, You live here?”).

A gracious entryway

As we enter the house, we are welcomed by a beautiful Foyer and a very gracefully designed false ceiling. The foyer is very functional with a pull out seat, so that one can even have a seat on it apart from dumping their shoes.

An elegant foyer

An elegant foyer has impressive natural stone work. The spotlights hanging from the paneling gives a wonderful look to entire ambiance. There is a huge see through aquarium in between the foyer and the living room.

CNC cutting Foyer

The foyer designed in this house is a little different and unique in character from the Foyers of other properties. The foyer is marked by a CNC cutting which acts as a see through section. It is a spacious and a simple looking foyer designed.

A Welcoming Foyer

The foyer area is styled with conceptual design, which is followed throughout the place. Highlighted walls, wooden work, and exclusive Buddha Sculpture are some of the elements that are used to accentuate the foyer area.

Simple Modern Entryway

The Foyer area is designed with the concept of simplicity. Completely laminate finished contemporary shoe cabinet with a functional way of sitting so that one can even have a seat.