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Our Services


We, at KpHomes, work tirelessly towards ensuring that you attain that perfect life-space, and this is made possible through our time tested and unique three fold process:

Phase 1 involves Conceptualisation and Designing:

We believe that crafting a perfect home begins with a dream, and we help you ideate on that dream and bring it to life, one step at a time, beginning with a detailed drilldown by our designers and creative team.
Our architects work towards gaining the right specifications of your apartment while our creative team works on illustrating your aspirations to come up with the layout suited to your ideal home. Based on a rigorous and intensive feedback based loop of creativity, detail and design, we are able to develop lifelike 3D images, allowing you to live the experience of your home even before we begin its execution.
During this process, we ensure maximum discussion and deliberation between you and the creative team, and work towards ensuring that even the smallest requirements of all family members are met.  
Our 3D designs allow you to gain detailed insights into the expected colour schemes, design concepts and themes, thereby allowing for customisations suited to your unique preferences and individual taste. 

Phase 2 involves a detailed Estimation and Budget:

On final approval of the 3D concepts we work out a cost effective and detailed estimate based on the requirements and initial specifications. This allows a transparent and clear understanding on the materials used in the execution of the project. We, at KpHomes ensure that you gain a detailed estimate about the job in a phase wise, job wise or on contract basis.

Phase 3 involves execution and actually:
Transforming your dream home into reality

An idea is only as good as its execution and we at KpHomes work on the most crucial phase with utmost care. This is where all ideas discussed begin to conceptualise and the designs rendered are  transformed into Reality.
Our supervisors look into every minute detail and ensure that the execution progresses in the most hassle free manner, along with the highest level of professionalism and perfection. 

We serve as a one stop destination  for home decor solutions and our services extensively include-
(a)Structural Modification 
(b)False Ceiling -Gypsum/Pop/Pvc(Polyvinyl Chloride)
(c)Tile,Granite and Marble selection and fixing -(For Bathrooms and Kitchens walls ,flooring ,kitchen top and basin top)
(d)Plumbing : Detailed planning ,selection and execution of plumbing and fitting of sanitary ware .

Based on your requirements we work on executing the electrical allignment of wires, sockets and switches give a sense of serene symmetry and technical superiority. We also provide modern solutions such as smart switches and automated sensor based electrical fittings. 

Our furniture work is exquisite with detailed planning, maximum utilisation of space through wardrobe organisers and well-placed cabinets. We ensure that space is never an issue to setting up your dream home, while also ensuring that your ideas are well placed with the unique theme that you set to bring out. 

Our in house artisans are skilled specialists in executing all furniture specifications (including kitchen )with wooden ,laminate or veneer finish. We have an extensive list of panelled vendors for executing modular furniture in medium density fibreboard (mdf)and high density fibreboard (hdf). We also have panelled vendors for procurement of high quality and trusted furniture, adding not only the sense of longevity and toughness required but also the exquisiteness and aesthetic beauty sought in modern home decor furnishings. 

We offer a wide Selection and Fixing of Wooden, Marble, Stone and Tiles flooring 

Wall paint and Wall Art:- 
We accentuate the walls of your apartment with beautiful, vibrant and metallic colour schemes of wall paint / Wall paper/ Wall Art/ Wall Texture 
Wall Moulding /Wall Stone Cladding /Wall Pop/ Wall Pvc etc 

Soft Furnishings:-
We have skilled in-house vendors for making your  Sofas, Diwans, Settees, Futons ,Curtains ,Sheers ,Blinds ,Cushions, Mattresses and Carpets glow with the sense of panache. 

We Accessorise your new home by procuring them on your behalf or assisting you in selecting the existing accessories for your new home based on your concept and theme 

White Goods:-
We have pannelled vendors for assisting you in procurement of all White Goods.

Through our customised solutions aimed towards transforming your dream home into a reality, we endeavour to give you the best of home aesthetics and comfort always. From inception to execution, you can count on us to give you the most comfortable and satisfying experience in the home decor sector.